AXIS: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education

VOL 11, NO 1 (2020)


Brother William Mann, FSC, DMin
Timothy Gossen, Ed.D.
Alisa Macksey, Ed.D. Candidate
Roxanne Eubank, Ed.D.
Gregory T. Kopra, Ed.D.
Brother Frederick Mueller, FSC, Ed.D.
Brother Robert Schieler, FSC, Ed.D.
Brother George Van Grieken, FSC, Ph.D.
Matt Nowakowski, Ed.D.

AXIS: Journal of Lasallian Higher Education exists to encourage and share original scholarly and creative works about, and texts of historic significance to, Lasallian Catholic Higher Education. AXIS is a free, open-access, electronic, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary periodical published twice per year. This site is designed to work with Firefox, Safari and Explorer browsers.

Section II: Shared Knowledge Archive

Educating in Justice and Solidarity
Jorge Meneses, FSC

Justice: A Characteristic of Lasallian Education
Kevin Regan, MA, and Edward Sirois, MA

On the Defense of Children: A Matter of Justice
John Johnston, FSC, MA

The Educational Service of the Poor and the Promotion of Justice: A Report
General Council of the Brothers of the Christian Schools

Section IV: Social Justice and Lasallian Higher Education Today

Social Justice and Lasallian Higher Education Today
Adam Koehler, Ph.D.

Promoting Financial Literacy: A Path to Alleviating Social Inequality
Amira Annabi, Ph.D., Grishma Shah, Ph.D., and Aileen Farrelly, CPA, MS

Confronting Social Inequalities in Higher Education: A Conceptual Model and Lasallian Perspective
Candace Robertson-James, DrPh, MPH, Serita M. Reels, MPH, MCHES, and Sara J. Shuman, Ph.D, MPH

Exploring Academic Collaborative Opportunities between Lasallian Colleges and Their Potential Impact
Shawna BuShell, Ed.D., Jimena González-Ramírez, Ph.D., Bryan Wilkins, Ph.D., Natalia Boliari, Ph.D., Mohab El-Hakim, Ph.D., Sandra Verónica López, Ph.D., Mary Michel, Ph.D., and Brother Carlos Gómez-Restrepo, FSC, Ed.D.

Addressing Race and Class in the Lasallian Legacy of Social Justice
Justin Peralta, B.A., and Cory Blad, Ph.D.

Lasallian Mission and Values to Embolden Racial Justice
Kristin Callahan, M.F.A., Erica R. Dávila,Ph.D., Daisy Sherry, Ph.D., and Jeffrey Trask, Ph.D.

A Lasallian Response to Rape Culture
Jordan Pascoe, Ph.D., and Sarah Scott, Ph.D.

Intersectionality of Student Disabilities and Lasallian Mission: Utilizing Distinctive Lasallian Pedagogy to Foster Student Inclusivity
Katherine Czado Aquino, Ph.D., Susan Cahill, Ph.D., and Carolyn Plump, J.D.

Urban Teacher Education through a Lasallian Lens: Community Partners, Dispositions, and Answering the Call
Kerri Mulqueen, D.A.

Lasallianism, Social Justice, and Community Service: Characteristics of Participants in CBU’s September of Service: 30 Days of Good Deeds
Jeffrey J. Sable, Ph.D., Bevalee B. Vitali, Ph.D., and Tracie L. Burke, Ed.D.

Catholicism, Racism, and Social Justice: Historical Realities and Lasallian Visions for the Future
Luisa Marcela Ossa, Ph.D.

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