The Lasallian Mission: A Way of Educating for Life for All

William Mann, FSC, D.Min.


aneka ragam manfaat dan khasiat sejuta manfaat artikel unik sejarah kerajaan

These remarks, which were revised for publication, were delivered as the keynote address at the Huether Lasallian Conference in Chicago, Illinois, on 21 November 2003.

We remain steadfast in our resolve to make good humanly Christian education accessible for the excluded . . . but not just access . . . an access that prior to De La Salle left the poor too often excluded from or ignored in the classrooms of the Little Schools of seventeenth-century France . . . schools that had no connection to the reality of their needs. We Lasallians assure that they [the children of the working class and poor . . . and those on the margins] are sought out, included, cherished, respected, valued, given responsibility, prepared for work and for life. We welcome the whole of God’s family, and especially the poor,through our doors . . . and into a future of possibilities and away from the chains of poverty and alienation.


Education; Lasallian

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