Engagement, Collaboration, and Commitment to Mission through Research: A Report of the Fifth Annual International Symposium on Lasallian Research

Jack McClure, PhD, Rani Roy, PhD, Patricia Kayse Vargas-Mangan


aneka ragam manfaat dan khasiat sejuta manfaat artikel unik sejarah kerajaan
Sunday September 25th through Tuesday September 27th the fifth Annual Symposium on Lasallian Research was held on the Twin Cities Campus of Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, and was co-sponsored by Lasallian Region of North America (RELAN) & Saint Mary’s Institute for Lasallian Studies. There were 130 participants from seven countries representing 18 universities and nine other ministries present for the event. Among the welcome additions to the processes this year and important to acknowledge were simultaneous English/Spanish translation. The research agenda continues to grow in depth and scope. Much of the work is grounded in the objectives established by the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU, 2014) to further the mission through research into educational innovation, work on the environment and sustainability, as well as improvements to health and nutrition. Participants present were also there in response to the invitation of Institute’s Lasallian Research and Resource Services in Rome. Additional opportunities to expand collaboration and research toward fulfillment of the mission of RELAN (Lasallian Region of North America) were also an important part desired action planning.

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