The Lasallian Educator in a Shared Mission

Luke Salm, FSC, STD


aneka ragam manfaat dan khasiat sejuta manfaat artikel unik sejarah kerajaan

This gathering of distinguished Lasallian educators, in what I understand will be an annual event, takes place at a particularly important moment in the history of the De La Salle Christian Brothers. In Rome, just this past spring, and for the first time ever, our 42nd General Chapter, that deliberative body representative of the entire Institute, invited lay persons, men and women, to participate in its discussions and to have a voice in establishing policies on the mission of the Institute. The substance of these exchanges has been published in a message addressed to the global Lasallian Family on what we now call the shared mission. Having been involved in the discussions in Rome myself, in this presentation I should like to develop and nuance the ways in which the Lasallian Institute now understands the mission that we share.


Lasallian; Association; De La Salle

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