Characteristics of Lasallian Schools

Luke Salm, FSC, STD


aneka ragam manfaat dan khasiat sejuta manfaat artikel unik sejarah kerajaan

This author addressed the topic of the characteristics of the Brothers’ school in a lecture entitled “De La Salle and His Brothers: An Adventure in Education.” Since then others have had occasion to address this topic. In 1986, the USA Regional Education Committee published the results of discussions by Brothers and lay colleagues at the Huether Workshop in a booklet entitled Characteristics of Lasallian Schools. In the following year, the International Education Committee in Rome published the results of a symposium on the topic entitled Characteristics of a Lasallian School Today.

In the conviction that the six characteristics proposed in 1980 have yet something to contribute to the ongoing discussion, this present essay will review and to some extent update the reflections that were made at that time. The suggestion remains that there are six elements which, taken together, constitute the concrete and distinctive reality of the Lasallian school.



Lasallian; Lasallian pedagogy; Education; De La Salle

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