Human Resource Management in the Context of Self-Concept and Its Impact on the Job Performance of College Full-Time Faculty Members of De La Salle Lipa

Joseph Angelou Ilagan Ng, R.N., M.B.A.


aneka ragam manfaat dan khasiat sejuta manfaat artikel unik sejarah kerajaan
Human resource management (HRM) is a field of management concerned with the “effective use of an organization’s human resources to improve its performance.”In the process of recruiting, selecting, maintaining and evaluating employees, HRM includes the implementation of strategies to support emotional and physical well-being. This study utilized Myrna Pasao’s Theory of Self-Concept (1979) and Carl Rogers’ Theory of Personality (1951) to measure and interpret the self-concept of Filipino Lasallian educators in the college context, especially as related to self-concept, perceived value of one’s uniqueness, and intent to build effective learning and teaching relationships. Most Lasallian higher education institutions consider their employees and learners to be their most important assets, and this study provides culture-specific and interculturally relevant insights about the evolving identity of Lasallian educators in relationship to the Lasallian Educational Mission.


Catholic Higher Education; Human Resources Research; Higher Education Research; Educator Identity;

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