Association According to John Baptist de La Salle

Antonio Botana, FSC


aneka ragam manfaat dan khasiat sejuta manfaat artikel unik sejarah kerajaan
Beginning with two foundation events in the origins of the Lasallian movement - the vows of 1691 and 1694 - the author reviews the roots of association in the lived experience of De La Salle and the first Brothers, in seventeenth-century France.

The author proposes that in the foundation "mythology" of the movment, contemporary Lasallians discover means for sustaining the value of Lasallian identity for persons, communities, the world, and the Catholic church. The author proposes systematic examination of four elements that comprise the act of association: (1) the commitment of individuals; (2) the charism, or unifying spirit, that inspires the commitment; (3) the communion among those who make the commitment; and (4) the mission (the Christian education of the poor), which is the reason for the preceding three elements.


Lasallian association; De La Salle;

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