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Vol 7, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents

Section I: Original Scholarly and Creative Works

Active Methodologies in Higher Education PDF
Sue Hines, EdD, Rebecca Hopkins, EdD
A Depiction of Workplace Ethical Dilemmas Faced by Graduate Students PDF
Richard Callaway, PhD, Robert McElrath, EdD
The Beginnings of the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian Studies PDF
William Mann, FSC, DMin
The Lasallian Tradition and American Culture: What is to Be Done? PDF
Mark Massa, SJ, ThD
Evangelization and Catechesis: "How to Meet Christ" PDF
John Crawford, FSC, PhD
The We Might Be a Bright Beacon of Light PDF
Gustavo Ramirez-Barba, FSC, EdD
Together and By Association: In a Pluralistic Society PDF
Thomas Johnson, FSC, MA
Lasallians in the World Solving Real Problems of the World: Research Agenda of the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU) Revised PDF
International Association of Lasallian Universities

Section II: Shared Knowledge Archive

Peace and Human Rights: Role of a University PDF
Vincent Malham, FSC, DMA
Together for Mission PDF
Luke Salm, FSC, STD
The Heart of the Lasallian Educational Ethos PDF
William Mann, FSC, DMin

Section III: Annotations of Distinctive Works in Lasallian Higher Education

Annotation: John Cantwell, FSC, PhD. "A 'History of Influence' Study of John Baptist de La Salle's Recourse to the Bible, with Particular Reference to the Gospel of Matthew 4:23 - 10:8." PDF
Annotation: Marcos Antonio Corbellini, FSC, PhD. "A Sociedade das Escolas Cristas nas Origens" [The Society of the Christian Schools in its Origins]. PDF
Annotation: Timothy Wentworth, FSC, DMin. "The Renewal of Religious Life in the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the New York Province: A Survey of Current Attitudes and Criteria for Future Direction." PDF
Annotation: William Mann, FSC, DMin. "The Lasallian School: Where Teachers Assist Parents in the Education and Formation of Children." PDF

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